Enterprise-level HR software doesn’t have to be complicated

If you’re running a business with over 100 employees, using technology for HR, workforce management and payroll tasks is a no-brainer.  Cutting down, or completely phasing out, paper-based processes and integrating as many functions as possible using software makes perfect, financial and organisational sense. Sounds simple, right?

Well…Finding the perfect workforce management software, and getting your HR technology stack right, is a huge challenge. Many enterprise-level companies (we’ll say 100 – 1000+ employees) opt to purchase several, ‘best in breed’ systems to handle different aspects of workforce management. Or they go to great expense to develop their own software to ensure their application works for them. All of which result in quite a complicated technology set-up.

Why is this a problem?

Time and again I’ve seen these large companies lose their way – and therefore the financial, organisational and productivity gains they are seeking – because these options can result in more problems than they solve.

  • Multiple SaaS platforms – whether HR, workforce management or payroll – might give you all the features you could ever possibly need, but they come at a cost. High monthly subscription fees, update fees, maintenance costs and training all add up and can outstrip the savings they had hoped to make.
  • The HR software platforms they choose are far too complicated for their business – more doesn’t necessarily mean better.
  • They lose time managing multiple systems that either don’t integrate – or don’t integrate terribly well.
  • They face data reconciliation issues between separate systems.
  • Their IT department struggle to manage a complicated technology stack efficiently, particularly if it a mix of cloud-based and on-premise solutions.
  • They struggle to scale up as their workforce increases as their various systems have different pricing structures and user limits.

I believe this happens for three reasons.

1. ‘Enterprise level’ is misunderstood.

According to Techopedia, enterprise software is “…an over-arching term for any software used in large organisations (whether business or government). The main goal behind enterprise software is to improve enterprise productivity and efficiency through business logic support functionality.”

Unfortunately, many take ‘Enterprise level’ to exclusively mean sophisticated, purpose-built, with hundreds of functions and capable of handling large volumes of data. Those who are seeking HR, workforce management and payroll software suitable for a large organisation search for software with ‘Enterprise level’ in the title, tagline and description, believing that these are the only solutions for them. This then eliminates software that is appropriate for a variety of business sizes that may work perfectly well for them.

2. There is a lack of awareness that feature-packed, all-in-one HR software exists.

Researchers, Bersin & Associates discovered that, “HR and Talent buyers today desperately want an integrated solution” to the extent that over 33% would sacrifice features for a complete solution provided by one vendor.

From this I can only conclude that a lack of awareness is to blame as these solutions exist (take Roubler for example). Leaps and bounds are being made in technology each day that allow software developers to create all-in-one workforce management software that works off one code base. This allows businesses to manage onboarding, rostering, time and attendance, leave management, payroll, e-learning and even hiring all from the one platform. They can even be underpinned by compliance interpretation tools.

See Roubler in action


3. A belief that all-in-one HR and payroll software options aren’t for large companies.

A lack of awareness is certainly a factor, however I believe the prevailing ‘best of breed’ strategy is being influenced by a mindset that all-in-one solutions must be too simplistic to suit large workforces.

Einstein is believed to have said “Everything should be as simple as it can be, but no simpler.” The modern breed of fully-integrated workforce management and payroll software is designed to work simply, but is built on an incredibly rich set of features and tools with great functionality.  

All-in-one programs that are simple to use actually help enterprises to operate with greater agility, lower overheads and happier employees.

Finding and implementing the right enterprise-level HR software doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a matter a slight change in mindset around technology and what ‘enterprise level’ really means. Consider consolidating your existing systems and legacy software into one platform and include an all-in-one platform in your search. You’ll see significant resource savings and the potential to transform your business.

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Author: Andrew Northcott, Founder & CEO, Roubler



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